Wednesday, 30 March 2011

35. Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Good turnout at Grassington today.

We seem to have finished the bottom pasture now, so we can leave the sheep, and go into Bull Pasture again.

Jane and I were on the Alidade. Jane is getting really good at the maths now, and says that my staff-holding (the technical bit) is getting even better; how kind!

Paul and Vera were working together on the total station at the top of the field and had their blue, orange and red flags everywhere. We had green, yellow and white flags so it all looked very colourful. Best wishes to Paul who is moving away down South, and will not be coming again.

Meanwhile, Ruth and Helen were busy doing mundane things like finding suspected round houses etc. They seemed to have drawn the whole field in a day; well done.

There is no meeting next week, and we are hoping to finish the week after.

Peter Gallagher

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