Wednesday, 2 March 2011

31. Tuesday, 1st March 2011

It was the first day of spring and a perfect day to emerge from our winter hibernation to take up our tapes and flags again. We gathered in the field next to the road, near Grassington’s Devonshire Institute, and discussed a 1972 aerial photograph which Roger had brought along. We wandered over the field investigating some anomalies, and decided that one possible “structure” in the photograph was in reality a natural feature.

© Jane Lunnon

Having satisfied ourselves on that score, we dispersed to our various tasks – a geophysics survey, a topographical survey using the alidade, and another using “Bob”, our total station. Soon, the site was full of fluttering flags of all colours as the three teams set out their markers. The blue skies gave us a lovely background and we appreciated the warm sunshine all day! Jane Lunnon

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