Thursday, 21 October 2010

24. Wednesday 20 October.

A freezing cold morning after the heavy frost last night, and with a very cold northerly wind – definitely a day for the thermals! But the sun shone and the views were spectacular.
As today was scheduled as only a half –day, Roger took the opportunity for some instruction on surveying, followed by a general walk-over.

photo by Alan Williams

We started by looking at the 1: 200 scale drawing done last week by Ruth’s team, and comparing it with what could actually be seen on the ground. After Roger had instructed us about surveying and the appropriate use of hachures, we looked at the results of the geophys. survey, also done last week. Some very exciting structures could be seen, unfortunately not shown completely in the area surveyed. This means a further survey of the adjacent area next week, of not 7 but 9 x 20m squares!
photo by Alan Williams

As Roger would also like last week’s triangulation & off-set survey re-done at a scale of 1:500, together with the rest of the fields, it looks like a busy time ahead - let’s hope the weather holds!

photo by Alan Williams

We then walked over ‘Richard’s field’ to look at the ‘lumps and bumps’ there, and after a quick coffee to warm us all up, inspected the field adjacent to the ones we have already looked at, approaching this from Moor Lane. Again there appears to be quite a number of interesting features to be investigated here.

By this time it was 12.30pm, so we adjourned for lunch, with some reluctance as the sun was really pleasant by now.

Ruth Spencer

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