Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Wednesday 1st April

Roger's fan club © Jane Lunnon

A beautiful, warm and sunny day for April Fool’s Day. As we approached High Close we were highly entertained by watching a flock of sheep literally running rings round Roger and his vehicle, which needless to say, caused us all great amusement!

Roger & the 2 Davids, Alan attempting to hide from Pat © Jane Lunnon

When the sheep decided that they were wasting their time, we settled down to the work of the day – good old surveying. The two David’s got together over the alidade; Alison wandered off to do a final check on the 1.9kms of wall, and Alan proceeded to make life difficult for the rest of us, by stationing the GPS just where we wanted to put our flags for the surveying!

David and the dreaded alidade! © Jane Lunnon

The six remaining members divided into 2 teams, one team being allocated the oval shaped area at the southern end of High Close, and the other, the adjoining rectangular area with adjacent fields just to the north-west.

It was good to be back to surveying ground structures again, but as we proceeded, we realised just how complicated these areas are! Having worked consistently all day, with only a short break for lunch, both teams had only managed to do just over half their area. We all agreed that this project is going to take a long time to complete and will certainly last more than a lifetime for a number of us!

Ruth in deep concentration mode © Alan Williams

Pauline with Helen & Sue © Alan Williams

Sadly we missed our customary ‘cream tea’ at the end of the day, but all agreed it had been a good day.


The UWHG line dancing team © Jane Lunnon

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