Monday, 16 March 2009

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Having missed another week due to inclement weather, last Wednesday saw us back at High Close on a cloudy day, with a cool breeze, but no rain.

After discussing the plan for the day, Roger and Alan disappeared with the GPS, occasionally to be seen throughout the day, striding purposefully over various parts of the field. Two members of the remaining group led the inspection of the enclosure wall, noting the interesting parts to be recorded. The rest of the party re-organised into the two teams and followed in their wake, hopefully recording the correct spot!

Having improved the measuring devices, and revised the recording sheets, we decided that the use of flags to mark appropriate areas and field radios would be more than helpful next week! We continue to improve each week – eventually we will have the perfect system!

However, we succeeded in recording four areas of interest on the east wall, and two on the north – there is still the long west wall to do next time. We all agreed that there are many more interesting bits of wall still to be recorded.

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